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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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eating. we don't know what's going on. >> tonight, a family pleads for the safe return of a seven month old baby. seven month old cayenne was in the care of 16-year-old mona when the two disappeared. 11 news reporter she woulden has more on the investigation. >> that's my son. somebody [inaudible] with my son. how do you think i feel? >> when she lost her son in his father's care, the last thing she expected was for the child disappeared. >> my son's father left him in the house with some female and she walked off with my son. and this happened at 5:00 and he's just calling the police this morning. >> police say this woman 16-year-old has been taking care of the him. the two were last seen. >> he's seven months old.
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i don't know if he's out here in the heat, if he's eating. we don't know what's going on. >> city police have canvased the area where they were last seen but haven't found any clues to their where abouts. not even her parents know where she is. >> it doesn't look like there's any foul play. we just would like to allay the fears of the parents and have her come in with the child. >> loved ones prayer for his safe return. >> that we might bring him home safely. >> we just want him back home safely. that's what we need. that's what my daughter needs. we want him back. we love him. just pray for my son and pray he's ok and pray that no harm's been done to him. he's only 7 months. >> she is 5-4, she has a blonde mohawk and several facial
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piercings. if you have any information on her or the baby's where abouts please call city police. >> baltimore county police say 24-year-old daniel was killed when his vehicle left the road and hit a tree. he was pronounced dead at the scene and no word what caused the victim to lose control of his car. family and friends gathered to bid a fond fair well to wendell hairston senior. funeral services were held this morning in southwest baltimore. the 60-year-old spent more than three decades teaching music in the public school system. he was killed last week when a stolen car crashed into his van. more than 100 city firefighters battled a four-alarm fire. flames broke out around 5:30 this morning at the manufacturing company in the 3800 block of curtis avenue. witnesses described what firefighters had to face. >> got down here, there was a
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lot of flames coming up. big puffs of smoke and then heard a lot of popping and heard a boom and flames started shooting off >> smoke pouring off everywhere, flames. i mean, it was high. >> one fire fighter was treated for heat exalks. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. those firefighters had to contend with triple digit heat and another code red day to battle that blaze. the heat and humidity not only create a heat index but a misery index scorching the east coast. >> it was the die-hard concert goer who wouldn't let the weather stop them from enjoying the bso under the stars at oregon ridge. the movie music of john williams was a big draw but coping skills were definitely required. >> i came with wet hair straight out of the shower. >> nice fans when we got out
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here and we're in line to get a snowball to try to cool off. >> we had thousands of water ball fights. >> at least maryland is in good company with this heat. records broke on friday in new york with 104 degrees and 108 in nearby new jersey. >> just trying to stay cool. i don't come outside much but i had to. >> in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112. that hasn't happened in more than a decade. >> too much. it's too hot. what are you going to do. >> more than 132 million people are under some kind of heat alert. these firefighters in pittsburgh use wet towels to try to stay cool. but they needed more than that. >> it's a double-edged sword. they don't allow our body heat to dissipate. >> across the country more than two dozen heat related deaths have been reported. >> and state health officials say there have been six heat
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related death soss far this year. when can we expect the heat wave to break? let's turn to john collins. >> well, last night at this time we were still in the 90s. this evening we dropped a little lower than that. we're in the upper 80s. and we'll check on the temperature in just a minute. but at the airport, it made it to 102 degrees. yesterday was a couple of degrees warmer. inner harbor 103 yesterday. so our highs today, a little lower than yesterday. we tied the record high at the airport at 102 degrees. and the current temperature at the airport is 88 degrees, a little cooler than last night at the same time. not much. still very humid out there with 61% humidity downtown still in the 90s at 94 dgs. tomorrow we probably will be shy of 100 degrees for the high temperature and after that we make some more progress and i'll detail it all coming up with the instant weather plus
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forecast. >> thank you. now to washington where a day after house speaker john boehner walked out of the debt negotiations republicans and democrats were at it again today. brian moore has the latest on talks between the president and congressional leaders about raising the debt ceiling. >> it was 100 degrees outside and inside the white house, president obama and congressional leaders were feeling the heat. they met for about an hour on saturday but walked away without a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the deadline is just ten days away. each side seems confident of a resolution of >> we need an approach that asks everybody to do their part. >> the talks between president obama and house speaker john boehner imploded on friday and neither did much to hide the frustration. >> i've been left at the altar now a couple of times. and i think that one of the questions that the republican party is going to have to ask itself is can they say yes to anything?
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>> the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement on some additional revenues. until yesterday, when the president demanded $400 billion more. >> president obama still wants a grand plan but says he will sign off on a deal that raise it is debt ceiling in the 2013. house speaker boehner says he won't sign off on any plan that doesn't pay for the debt ceiling increase. >> and speaker boehner told rank and file republicans in a conference call tonight that he hoped to be able to announce a viable framework for progress by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. all that bickering in washington could cost the country millions more in airline taxes. several federal taxes on airline tickets expire at midnight last night because congress failed to pass legislation to keep the f.a.a. running. nearly all major u.s. airlines have already raised fears to offset the taxes failing to
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pass the savings on to the consumer the transportation department says it will lose 200 million a week until congress restores the taxes. the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to president clinton has died. this morning at the army medical center in washington state following complications from a stroke. he was the first foreign born leader to ever hold the position. president obama said today that the nation has lost a genuine soldier statesman. he was 75 years old. people in norway still reeling from twin terror attacks. tonight what the nation is doing to band together. at the stroke of midnight same sex couples can legally marry in the big apple. how a coalition hopes to get a bill passed here. the investigation into the untimely death into amy winehouse and the impact of her
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music. plus meteorologist john collins will be back.
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>> new york will usher in legal gay marriage in less than an hour. expecting a wedding boom tomorrow as hundreds plan to seize the moment. new york will become the sixth and largest state to sanction same sex marriage. >> here in maryland the debate over same sex marriage legislation rages on as lawmakers prepare for the 2012 session. the governor has pledged to lead the charge on a bill that allows same sex couples to marry and provides them with the same legal rights. the governor support this past session was limited and plans to and the religious protections offered in its new
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law. >> still have a lot of work to do. so this coalition is important and this is the way to get it done and certainly new york's success in accomplishing the marital quality bill in new york was something encouraging i think to everybody here. >> 35 clergy and churches from across the state signed a letter expressing disappointment to make same sex marriage later this year. click on politics. she's been called an artist of immense proportions. tonight we remember the life and music of amy wine house. plus. >> small country but a proud country. very close. especially in times like this. >> drawing close the people of norway turn to each other in the wake of the deadliest attack of that country since world war ii. >> all many moisture has helped
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feed thunderstorms today. how hot lit get all in the instant weather forecast. instant weather forecast. just ahead.
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>> a shocking but not surprising death in the music world tonight. 27-year-old amy winehouse was found dead in her apartment. she was not only known for her signature black behive but her also battle with drugs and alcohol. she even crooned of her
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decision not to go to rehab. tony bennett called her an artist of gmens proportions. the cause of her death is not yet known and no arrests have been made. tonight the people of norway are remembersing lives lost with a individualle residents laid flowers for the 92 confirmed victims. official say several people are still missing so the death toll may climb in the face of the worst violence since world war 2 norway's prime minister says the country will stand united. >> norway is a small country but a very proud country and we are all very close especially in times like this. >> police have arrested 32-year-old norweigian anders brevic in connection with both attacks. they believe that he acted alone to detonate a bomb outside the prime ministers office and carried out a shooting rampage. he will will arrained on
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monday. >> now, your 11 weather instant forecast. >> on again, off again during the day this morning and then this afternoon there have been some isolated thunderstorms that have cropped up and then dissipated. that's kind of stuff you expect in this moist environment with all this heat and right now on radar we see one lone little isolated shower over cecil county. it's not very large. no thunder and lightning at last check with that. that's all going on. we do have scattered clouds around the area. a wider view of the radar shows quite a collection out in ohio and western pennsylvania. kind of drifting in this direction. some of that will lose it overnight we may pick up some clouds. but we'll keep an eye on it. let's take a look at what has happened here as far as these temperatures are concerned. we mentioned today that we tied the record high with another 100 degree reading. so three days in may with 90 plus, seven days in june with
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90 plus and so far we have had 16 days at 90 plus and three of the days we have been 100 or higher and today is one of those days. so we have had 26890-plus days this season so far and four 100 degree days or higher so far. across the country the 100s today or higher indicated by red shadings. the total area coverage is not as large as it was yesterday but still pretty significant up and down the eastern seaboard. all the way down to the carolinas. and then out in the central plains again but the area has shrunk somewhat. so there's still a pretty wide outbreak of 100 degree weather but it is showing signs of contracting a little bit. this evening temperatures in the orange are mostly in the mid to upper 80s. very few 90s. we have 94 here and red back there still 90 at college park and the yellows indicate areas
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that have cooled. that would feel good. here's the satellite picture and again we have the larger storms off to the northwest kind of drifting in this direction but a lot of that is going to dissipate here this evening. the air will be slightly more stable here this evening but we will see a regeneration of this activity during the day tomorrow. still a front out to the west that ultimately will come through and when it does it will turn the atmosphere over and change things considerably. here's a look at the forecast. hazy and muggy tonight. the chances are ending, 76 or 82 the overnight low. just short of 100 tomorrow. 94-98 for the high. a heat advisory for our area is in effect tomorrow. northwest winds five knots for boaters in the bay. future cast shows this rain chance scattered showers and thunderstorms again in the forecast tomorrow. ocean city thunderstorms sunday and monday with highs up around 90 and our forecast once we get
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done with the rain chance on monday less humidity and temperatures in the 90s. >> all right. thanks. you can track the heat on facebook. and get weather alerts and forecast delivered to you. you will find the link on our home page. a big day. >> i don't think i like the weather. >> why? >> we're supposed to like this. >> that's true. >> i'm confused by this. >> happy almost birthday to you. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> let's talk sports. ask your manager to keep you in the lineup, you'd bet door things like this. mark an impressive night in the field. coming up next in sports.
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>> not sure the n.f.l. owners fully understood what they were doing with their press conference regarding the lockout before the players had agreed to a deal on thursday. we're in the middle of a record heat wave and that made things hotter. the players somehow cooled off probably because they realized the deal they had was sweet and according to everyone talking about this saying it's a done deal monday or tuesday. highlights like these should be coming as scheduled to open the season september 11, progress today thanks to the named plaintiff agreeing to wave any demand for special compensation
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and just a few small issues will be worked out by monday. the facilities will be followed by training camps on friday. sounds like go time. with done for the season, buck has had some juggling to do. he brought up josh bell from aaa had him playing third to designated hitter. buck relented. now the rest of the story. includes brad on the mound and he's not cooling off. two outs runner on first. wells crossed a grand slam and it's a two-run shot saturday. here we go again but settled down and the offense picked up. bottom four, adam jones. maybe these fast home run ever. 17 ntsdz of the season. 2-1 angels topped by reynolds.
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peter to third. great play. gets him at first. we'll see more later. bottom five, nick with runners in scoring position. comes through here single brings in. ties it at 2. vernon wells slow roller to third trying to erase the memory of those 20 errors. one great at a time. ken gets to stay. brad to win. game winning fly and he has a dor ration post game. >> regardless of what's going on with our pitching our team whatever adam's been solid with one exception. he's been nobody in the american league has played with more passion and energy. >> the national championship. the u.s. open couldn't pull it off this year at least our friends to the north can. can canadian open playing like a major.
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just outside vancouver for the tournament not even hot there either. 18th hole. capping off. five under on the back nine, five under for the tournament. a one-shot lead. giving chase. a real canadian golfer. incredible play from that thick hey just a kick in from there. four under par alone in second place. chris meanwhile firing actual ammunition. great in the 16th as well. in the hunt john baily a two under par. from st. francis academy to louisville. and now to the nba. she lined up with the rest of the stars in her field. starting for the east team in the wnba all-star game. starting in the second quarter up with the ball. the crossover great drive and finish in traffic. 52 apiece.
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second quarter with the play of the game. not quite. the all-star game but passed off the backboard and then the east holds on to win. please stay with us. please stay with us. 11 news continues right after
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>> hot and humid tomorrow. short of 100. >> and o some thunderstorms. >> try to stay cool. have a good night. [ knocking ] come in. >> mr. jessup, christine o'donnell is here. >> have her come in. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. >> hi! [ cheers and applause ]